Size 35″ L x 47″ H Model No. 1017 LED Night Vision | Masjid Clock Namaz Time Table

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  • All salaah time will change automatically.
  • Operations in Auto mode and Manual mode.
  • Shafai/Hanfi preference.
  • Buzzer on/off options.
  • Indication and Beep for Salaah and Makrooh time.
  • Shafai/Hanfi preference.
  • All Salaah start and End time with its indication on display.
  • * 14 Events (Fazr, Zuhr, Asr, Magrib,Tulu ,Ishraq,
    Chasht, Zawal, Tahazzud, Sahri, Iftar, Makrooh).
  • All settings done using Wireless Remote.


Namaz time indicator Accessories:-

Remote Control

Battery (AAA 2)

Outer Power Supply Cable

User Guide of Namaz time indicator

Products Futures of Namaz time indicator

All settings of Namaz time indicator done using Remote.

  1. Setting Time, Day, Date, English Date and Hijri date.
  2. Setting Multiplier for Jamaat time change.

Multiplier setting of 01, 05, 10 and 15.

The length of day and night keeps changing throughout the year. Thus times of Jamaat also change. The unit automatically calculates these changes. Some masjids change Jamaat times in multiple of 5 minutes, some by 10 minutes and some by 15 minutes. Some pray at Awwal (Start) times and change Jamaat times by 1 minute on day-to-day basis. You can set this multiplier.

  1. Operation in Auto Mode and Manual mode.

The unit can be used in Auto mode or Manual mode. In Auto mode the unit functions fully automatically without any need for day-to-day settings. In manual mode Jama’at times don’t change automatically, you have to set them as per your requirement. Other parameters (day, date, makrooh times, Sahr & Iftar etc) will change automatically in manual mode also. We recommend you to use the unit in Auto mode. However, if you want to change Jama’at times as per your need, you may use it in manual mode.

  1. Azan time setting.

You can enter maximum 99 minutes azan time before Jamaat time.

AZAN Time : The unit has reminder for Muazzin to give Azan on time. When Azan is due, it reminds the muazzin by flashing the Green indicator with sign. Flashing continues for one minute. It also gives a beep for 1second. To set Azan times, first of all you will have to decide the interval between Azan and Jamaat of each prayer. Then enter these intervals in unit. As Jamaat time changes, the Azan time will be adjusted automatically using these intervals.

  1. Setting Interval for Changeover to next Jamaat.

After completion of one salaah (namaz) the unit changes over to the next Jamaat automatically. This changeover takes place after 05 minutes. This interval can be programmed by the user. You can enter maximum 59 minutes next Jamaat time change over time.

  1. Setting for Sahr and Iftaar time.

Sahr and Iftar times are calculated by the unit automatically. It starts beep indication exactly at time. You can add or subtract maximum 19 minutes to Sahr and Iftaar time.

  1. Setting Tulu, Zawal and Gurub duration.

You can enter maximum 99 minutes for MAKROOH time. It is makrooh (disliked) to offer Salaah (namaz) during Tulu (Sunrise) and Ghurub (Sunset) . The unit flashes the RED indicator with sign During this makrooh duration. It also gives a beep for 1second. At Factory we set 99 minutes for Tulu, Zawal and, Ghurub.

  1. Setting Hijri Date Correction.

Hijri date will change automatically at Maghrib. However, there can be some discrepancy in days in a particular month (29 or 30). If you find any error in Hijri date displayed by this unit, you can correct it by remote.

  1. Setting clock Time Correction.

For clock time correction Clock Time Increment (up) and Clock Time Decrement (down) keys are used.

  1. Shafai / Hanafi preference

The unit is suitable for all school of thoughts (Shafai, Hanafi, Maliki and Hambali). Select HANF for Salaah times as per Hanafi School. Select SHAF for Shafai or Maliki or Hambali School.

  1. Indication and Beep for Salaah

Salaah times (i.e. Jama’at times) are indicated by the Green Indicator with sign. For all the Salaahs, beep is only for one second so that it won’t disturb the Aqamat. However, flashing of indicator continues for one minute.

  1. Indication and beep for Azan

The unit has a reminder for Mu’azzin to give Azan on time. When the Azan is due, it reminds the mua’zzin by flashing the Green Indicator with sign. Flashing continues for one minute. It also gives a beep.

  1. Indication and beep for Makrooh Time

Indication and beep for Tulu, Zawal & Ghurub It is makrooh (disliked) to offer Salaah during sunrise and sunset. The unit flashes the Red Indicator with sign during makrooh period.

  1. BUZZER on/off

The unit gives a beep for all the Jama’at, Azan and Makrooh times. This beep is for 1 second only so that it won’t disturb anyone. However, you can keep it OFF if you don’t want any beep.

  1. Daylight Saving

In U.K. there is on-hour adjustment in summer and winter. To adjust all the prayer times and other times accordingly there is a provision in the unit to set OFFSET. To add one-hour, this offset should be made ON (in summer) and to remove this one-hour addition, this offset should be made OF (in winter). The procedure is as follows:

  1. Count down before Jama’at

There is a countdown for last one minute before each Salaah. The unit starts counting seconds in decreasing order for the last one minute before Jama’at till it becomes 00 seconds and the clock time matches the Jama’at time.

  1. Current Event

Current event is one of the most important features of this unit. It shows Awaal (start) time and Aakhir (end) time of each event. It shows complete 24 – hours cycle viz. Fajr, Tulu, Isharaq, Chasht, Zawal, Zuhar, Asr, Maghrib, Isha, Tahajjud, Englsih (Date, Month, Year) – Hijri (Date, Month, Year) – Day . First it shows start and end times of FAJR. The moment Fajr time is over, it automatically shows start and end time of Tulu. After Tulu time is over it shows Ishraq, then Chasht and so on. It shows duration of each event as it occurs.

  1. Factory reset all settings

This setting will delete all settings set by you and set Jamaat time according to factory reset.

  1. Juma On/Off

If Zumah’s prayers are not applicable in your area you can off the display the prayers of the juma.

  1. Tomorrow On/Off

Tomorrow’s prayer time is scheduled to be notified 24 hours in advance but we can off/on the display.

  1. Change Default time

The unit gives change default time settings. You can change following default time one by one FAJR, SUNRISE, ZUHAR, ASR, MAGRIB and ISHA.

  1. Factory Reset all settings
  • This setting will delete all settings set by you and set Jamaat time according to factory reset.

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